Nebulas Sri Lanka X Huobi Sri Lanka AMA Recap

Segment 01 : Project Introduction

Q1: What makes Nebulas unique compared to other chains?

Segment 02 : Live Q & A Session

Q1. I would like to know about how to protect investors in your project ? Is there any audit process ?

Segment 03 : Quiz Session

01. What is the name of Nebulas’ governance token used to prioritize nodes and for voting?
1. NAS
2. NAX
3. NRC
4. NAT

AMA Feedback

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Nebulas SriLanka

Nebulas SriLanka

Nebulas යනු blockchain platform එකකි. ඉස්සරහට එන්න තියෙනෙ Project updates, Airdrops, Bounties ඔක්කොම දැනගන්න පුලුවන්.